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Nicci Jackson

Hey there! I'm Nicci, your go-to web design expert specialising in motion and UX design.


A premier Yorkshire based web designer.


I specialise in creating stunning websites that embody your vision and deliver an exceptional user experience.


Whether you need a web page design, assistance to create a website, or professional web design services in Yorkshire, I am your go-to expert.


With a focus on designing for user experience, I combine artistic flair and technical skills to design captivating websites that leave a lasting impression.


Let me help you design a web site that stands out and engages your audience effectively.

Animation   |   Interactive   |    Websites 


With a focus on creativity and innovation, I offer a range of solutions tailored to your needs. From captivating web design and user experience optimization to effective SEO strategies, I am committed to helping you establish a powerful online presence that drives growth and success. Let's collaborate and bring your digital vision to life.

Site assessment

With dynamic visuals and fluid motion, custom animations capture attention, foster connection, and elevate the overall user experience.

Website / Page Design

UX designed websites provide seamless experiences, effortless navigation, and exceptional engagement, driving conversions and satisfaction.

SEO Optimisation

SEO optimization boosts visibility, drives targeted traffic, and maximizes online success. Enhance rankings, attract visitors, and achieve your digital goals effectively.

My Work

Web design

I was approached to design a website as a replacement for traditional invitations, focusing on beauty and simplicity.


Explore the mock-up gallery for additional details.


I collaborated with a team to create an online course on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans. Using Adobe After Effects, I animated graphics provided for me and synchronized a Lip Sync rig with the course's narration.


This month-long project resulted in a CPD accredited course sold to the education sector.

What Clients Say

picture of client Rachael
"The website is brilliant, I have been able to easily invite my guests and collect their information... I can export this all at once and send it to my vendors... Thank you so much Nicci, the website is perfect!"

Rachael, Bride

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